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Aug 11, 2013 9:00am EDT
of dodge. what i think is funny is for all of this talk about a sophisticated dragnet with the nsa, the reason we got this is beuse al qaeda held a conference call. [laughter] please press mute. >> you have to be listening to get it, collecting information. >> i agree, a lot of it has been driven by not needing another benghazi on their hands and also the president pulled back, saying we do not want to be perpetually at war. we will be perpetually at war. >> charlesentioned in sa. -- the nsa. now that vladimir putin has granted asylum, the president says we will not have a meeting. what is your take? >> this is a collapse of the reset. obama came into office saying that relations with h russia had under thed to drift. bush administration -- and find that it was our fault. he was going to warm them up.he caved on missile defense in europe. he thought hwould get cooperation on iraq, syria, arms control, and he has been stymied and humiliated every time. this was the final straw. it was a gratuitous poke in the eye, and he finally had to show some gumption in canceling that. he is sti
Aug 11, 2013 10:00am EDT
u.s. officials that tlebl that the nsa surveillance programs helped track this emerging threat. the president announced some reforms on friday in those programs. and had tough words for the nsa leaker edward snowden, said he was not a patriot. take a look. >> mr. snowden's been charged with three felonies. if he believes what he did was right, then like every american citizen, he can come here, appear before the court with a lawyer, and make his case. >> so, what have you been able to learn about what u.s. officials are trying to do to get snowden right now? >> some officials i've talked to wish that a deal could be struck to bring him back to the u.s. make no mistake. one official said he has done irrefutable damage. the more the terrorists know how we can monitor them, the less we will be able to. that's the single most important asset we have. some officials say we don't know all of what he has, we don't want him in the hands of the russians. whatever message it would send, he's gotten the president of the united states to make some changes. but the justice department has gi
Aug 12, 2013 4:30am EDT
classified information to wikileaks. he leaked that material to expose wrongdoing. >> the father of nsa leaker edward snowden told abc he'll soon visit his son after getting a travel visa from moscow. >> at this point when you consider many of the statements made by leaders, leaders in congress, they're absolutely irresponsible and inconsistent with our system of justice. >> snowden said the u.s. poisoned the well against his son and it's unlike he'll ever get a fair trial on espionage charges. >> a temporary feeling of safety overseas as the number of u.s. embassies and consulates closed because of a terrorist threat have now reopened. the u.s. closed 19 of its embassied last week. while many of them now back open, the embassy in yemen will remain closed because of continuing concerns about potential terrorist attacks by al qaeda. the u.s. consulate in lahore, pakistan, is also still closed. it was shut down last week due to a separate threat. >> 4:48 and trains will be running again in san francisco this morning. a judge brought the planned strike by the two unions for the bay area ra
Aug 12, 2013 6:00am EDT
america this week amid concerns by u.s. allies about nsa's surveillance programs. kerry arrived in colombia and after meeting in bogota will travel to brazil. leaders in both countries complained about what they see as spying by military ally. >> the redskins get back to work this week after getting a pretty long weekend off. >> that's right, the bad weather kept them off the field saturday and sunday was already a scheduled day off. head coach said quarterback robert griffin iii's recovery process is right on track but don't expect him to see behind center on 1111 drills just yet. the next preseason game a week from tonight gets the steelers. >> 71 degrees, 6:36 your time and still ahead on "good morning, washington" a newly renovated and busy marc station opens >> good morning to you as well and we here at abc7, we want to honor young heros in the area. we're giving away $1,000 grants to children who are passionate about improving their communities. to be eligible you have to be between the ages of 5-18. go to to apply. the deadline is september 1st. scott
Aug 13, 2013 6:00am EDT
after a one day visit to columbia. like he did, kerry will attempt to ease concerns act nsa surveillance programs. kerry will also discuss education, energy, and the billions of dollars in trade between the u.s. and brazil. >> president obama formerly orders the director of national intelligence to set up a outside review board to analyze the government's surveillance techniques. now the president also ordered him to have the board report its findings no later than december 15th. president announced the boards creation at a knew conference last week. >> it is 6:37, and 75 degrees outside. still ahead here, we have incredible video of a gas line exploding. >> also, ahead, solving the mystery after a priest seemed to come from nowhere to pray at a missouri crash scene, and then just hi. in frederiksberg virginia. >> we have gather as few of our friends to say. >> "good morning washington." >> yeah! good morning to you as well. we here, we want to honor some of the young heros in our area. >> we are giving away $1,000 grants to children who are passionate about improving their communities.
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5